Delivery of 922 tonnes of steel received in Bundaberg

Pacific Marine Base Bundaberg (PMBB) demonstrates another major investment in a renewables gateway, connecting Bundaberg and South East Queensland to the Blue Highway. Whilst PMBB continue the development of our Stage 1 Break Bulk Facility, recently confirming a minimum of 5 meters depth alongside the highest capacity Ro-Ro berth on the East Coast of Australia; we have also committed to investing forward into the Stage 2 Break Bulk Facility. Whilst Stage 2 remains an opportunity to invest in Queensland’s renewable logistics pathway, PMBB have proactively purchased all materials for the stage 2 wharf construction. This investment firms up the delivery timeline for construction and delivery of Stage 2 to meet demand.

Today, the Pacific Tug Group team in Bundaberg, took delivery of 922 tonnes of steel from the Spliethoff vessel Humbergracht to the barge P.T. Norfolk in the Port of Bundaberg. The 922 tonnes were craned from the Humbergracht and received onto the P.T. Norfolk for later delivery to the PMBB site.

Thanks for a huge effort from Mick Dunn and the Bundaberg team, firstly supporting the Humbergracht with Harbour Towage Services, then working in hot humid conditions on the P.T. Norfolk to receive the Flat Web Sheet Piles. The delivery was supported by Gladstone Ports Corporation Ltd and demonstrates the versatility and capability of the Port of Bundaberg for diverse cargoes.