PT Monto and PT Camel return from another successful trip to the Pacific Islands

The PT Monto (ocean going tug) and PT Camel (submersible barge) have recently returned after another successful trip to the Pacific Islands.  Despite delays due to weather events in Brisbane, Master Dan Jackson and crew (Angus Roberts, Aziz Ghani, Craig Smith, Terry Dally and Mick McDonald) did an excellent job of securing and returning it’s cargo safely and on schedule.

Over 4,500 nm travelled and more than 40 days at sea, it was another mammoth effort!

The crew then delivered both of our vessels to Papua New Guinea for docking works.  We are trialling a new dockyard in Motukea and both vessels will get a full makeover under the watchful eye of Kurt Behnke at Papua New Guinea Dockyard Limited.