PT Monto returns after an epic 75 day voyage

The PT Monto has returned to Brisbane today after an epic 75 day voyage completing over a full circumnavigation of Australia. Master, Shane Wakelin and crew Craig Smith, John Sheppard, Paul Coggan, Joshua Brockfield and Dylan Davies successfully delivered Pilbara SEMP from the Port of Eden, NSW, to Ashburton, WA.  The Monto and crew commenced the voyage in Brisbane, stopping in Newcastle to collect the AMS1808, then on to Eden to load the Pilbara SEMP.  From Eden the tow passed Southabout Australia and up the West Coast to Ashburton where the Pilbara SEMP was discharged.  The Monto and empty AMS1808 then travelled Northabout across the top of Australia and down the East Coast to deliver the AMS1808 to Yamba NSW.  From Yamba the Monto free steamed back to Brisbane.  After such a long time at sea covering over 6600NM we are sure our crew are happy to be back home! A massive thank you to everyone involved in the success of this project.  A big thanks to “Marksey” for assisting them throughout the whole voyage.