Salvage of LO SHEN by Wide Bay Shipping Services

On the 28th November 2017, Wide Bay Shipping Services at Eden were requested to assist the stricken vessel ‘LO SHEN’, located approximately 20nm south-east of Green Cape.

The vessel, Flinders Bay was selected for the operation departing at 0530hrs and arriving on- site at 0915hrs. The towline was connected and the ship under tow by 0930hrs. The weather conditions could not have been better, and this allowed the ship to be towed at an average speed of 5.5kts. The vessel was towed into Twofold Bay and was anchored at 1930hrs that same evening much to the Captain and owner’s relief.

Further support services were provided by transferring all spare parts and surveyors to the vessel the following day. The LO SHEN had all repairs completed and sailed out of Twofold Bay two days later.

The crew, under the command of Marine Operations Manager, Steve Marks performed superbly and provided a quick response time. All were woken in the early hours of the morning and were on board Flinders Bay and ready for duty 30 minutes after receiving the call.

Another example of the Wide Bay Shipping Services team being ready, willing and able to assist in a salvage operation.