Shipping movements in Bundaberg smooth sailing

Harbour Towage in Bundaberg during the first six months of 2017 has been progressing well with tug assistance provided to 13 cargo vessels loading approximately 264,000 tonne of sugar; 11,000t of wood pellets and 15,000 tonne of sand. In addition, Wide Bay Shipping Services have assisted 4 tankers into Port Alma discharging 44,000m/t of fuel.

Two of the 17 ship assist movements mentioned were conducted in the Port of Bundaberg and Port Alma on the same day with use of tugs Hervey Bay & Wide Bay in Bundaberg and King Bay & Twofold Bay (deployed from Brisbane) in Port Alma.

As simple as four tugs being in two ports at the same time may sound, to achieve having tugs onsite for these ship assist movements with an ever changing shipping schedule (especially in the early stages of planning) is challenging, however under the direction of Marine Operations Manager Mick Dunn, and with the support of the Pacific Tug team from Brisbane, Wide Bay Shipping Services was able to provide a responsive, timely and flexible solution.

Along with ship assist movements, in March 2017 King Bay was engaged for escort duties by the Australian Defence Service from east of Townsville to Sydney. This was a request at short notice, and again the Wide Bay Shipping team was able to mobilise the vessel very quickly and performed the duties without a hitch.