P.T. Fortitude assists LPG Carrier Bougainville

Pacific Tug Group (PTG) were happy to be in a position to assist the LPG Carrier Bougainville. Bougainville suffered mechanical failure and required towage to Singapore for repair. The P.T. Fortitude was chartered to tow the Bougainville from the port of Hastings Victoria up the east coast of Australia through to Hervey Bay. PTG were able to support the tow through our port network and shore-based teams lead by Capt. Marksey, through to successful delivery. Capt. Dan and his crew professionally towed then assisted in the handover of Bougainville to the NHT 6002 in Hervey Bay. We wish the NHT 6002 and the Bougainville a safe onward voyage to Singapore and hope Bougainville is back trading soon. Thanks to the large team of ship managers, agents, regulators and crew who contributed to a successful job.