Port Eden Update – Steve Marks

It is now well over six months since Wide Bay Shipping Services has commenced harbour towage operations in Port of Eden and are now established as an important part of the shipping industry in this area.

The tugs and pilot boat are operating well and we continue to get positive feedback from the locals on how professional they all look. This is a testament to the crew who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and putting in the hard yards – all dedicated to ensuring our success in Eden.

In the 6 months, the team has completed a total of 22 jobs so far. This number is made up of harbour towage, pilot transfers to visiting cruise ships and draft surveys on the woodchip vessels.

During the month emergency response drills were conducted with the local Fire Brigade, utilising our Portable Fire Unit (PFU) on vessel Keppel Bay.

The Port is very busy at the moment with all the Tuna vessels coming in to unload. It would have been great to see back in the day when the port was thriving and all these fishing vessels had to tie up five abreast, just a hive of activity.